Bakers Son provides that irreplaceable taste that comes with home cooking.

It blends exotic Vietnamese favorites with Australian classics for the complete experience. Its expansive menu continues to attract new customers who are in search of something different.

This family run business wanted a befitting space that would capture its image and they came to FBS to help them build from scratch.

Client: The Bakers Son

Blank canvas

Everybody loves a blank canvas, it gives you the opportunity to express your creativity without restraint. Here at FBS, it allows us to help the customer plan the project, supply the ideal equipment and design a process that makes the day to day running of the business smooth.
Our customer wanted to set up shop in a new shopping center. Starting from scratch gave us an edge and we were able to guide our customer to make informed decisions at every step of the way.


Being a part of the project from the very beginning minimized the occurrence of any problems. We worked from start to finish with the customer with very amazing results.
At the end of this project we had a very happy customer and the fulfilment that comes from taking a project from mere plans to perfection.

Set up

No matter how beautiful a space is, once it is not well equipped to be functional, it loses its value. We undertook a full kitchen fit out for our custom. We installed all the equipment and ensured that they were working perfectly. We also set up the cool room and got the front display ready.

You do not have to wait to run into challenges before you seek professional help. Contact FBS today and let us work hand in hand to make that beautiful kitchen a reality for your business.