Perso Kebab touts itself as the place for the best cuisine on the Mediterranean and that does not come easy.

With a wide menu choice with kebabs and pita sandwiches favorites, customers can eat and order to their heart’s content.

To bring the fresh and tasty to life, our customer came to us with a very unique proposition, he wanted us to convert a burger shop into what is now the Perso Kebab. We jumped at this exciting opportunity to make this functional space perfect for its new owners.

Client: Perso Kebab


The fact that the space was a burger shop meant we did not have to begin our work from scratch. We worked with existing equipment and made provisions for new equipment where necessary. We supplied a donor kebab machine and a food warmer to give it that Perso Kebab style.
We also had to recreate the entire space to ensure that we could find space to fit the new equipment without disrupting the current setup in place. We provided advice on the best way to optimize space while installing new equipment.


Apart from helping our customers settle in with the right equipment, we also have to ensure that all the new equipment comply with all the existing regulations.
For Perso Kebab, we looked at how the existing setup fit into the regulations and what additional steps we need to take. We found that the existing setup came short and added two more sinks to bring us within the scope of regulations.
We also ensured that that the exhaust system was functioning well and there was constant release of smoke and heat generated in the kitchen. We evaluated its capacity to see whether we could fit more equipment into the kitchen.

After service

Beyond supplying and fixing equipment, we also have to ensure that our customers know the best practices that will ensure that the equipment works well for a very long time. We advised our customer on equipment maintenance and how they can get the best out of their setup.
This way they not only have the best equipment available but also know how to ensure that it gives them the best value.

Perso Kebab taught us that even when a space has existing equipment, it would still need an expert touch to make it perfect for your business. If you want to convert a space that had kitchen facilities before, FBS is available to make your transition smooth and ensure maximum compliance with regulations.