Katsu King provides Japanese food with a modern twist, making use of fresh products straight out of Australia.

It brings the long admired delight of Katsu which is well known across Europe as cutlet and now established as a memorable dish in Japan for the past century.

Katsu King provides a great environment, a wide range of choices in the menu, and easy delivery to a lot of places. For a restaurant that combines great history with exquisite taste, it needs a place to go along with it.

Katsu King , our customer wanted to set up in a clothing shop so it meant a lot of demolishing in order to create an environment that would fit all the new equipment coming in.

Client: Katsu King


Working with a franchiser to please can mean meeting a lot of demands. The owner brought his previous experience at another style shop into play by ordering size 1200 hot plates. Unfortunately the franchiser rejected them after coming to inspect the facilities.
This was a major setback because the owner not only had to re-order the correct equipment but also test run it in order to ensure that it was in perfect working condition. The factory rejected them because food had been put on them while test running which was against the factory’s policy. The owner was stuck with the equipment and the only way at that point in time was forward.


Setting up a new kitchen can be tricky with a lot of sparks everywhere but the end goal is always safety for all the personnel that would work in it.
While putting equipment in place, the ignition kept blowing up during a test run of 3 deep fryers. The danger was averted at the end of the day as the factory came in to fix the problem before any major damage was done.

Breaking grounds

FBS enjoyed this project because we came in at the beginning and had the liberty to do away with the old and bring in the new we craved so much.  We removed the spiral stairs and took total control of redesigning a space that would help Katsu King off to a great start.

New tools

After helping to design a great working area, we were tasked with helping our customer bring in all the equipment necessary. We supplied all the necessary equipment to suit the entire needs of our customer

We enjoyed working on this project very much and the smile on our customer’s face made all the challenges faced worth it. If you have to bring to follow very strict specifications while bringing your kitchen to life, FBS is the perfect ally to guide you to perfection at every step.