Located at the heart of Australia in Rowville Victoria, Gios is more than a coffee shop or a restaurant.

Its warm interior and the great view outside ensure that customers can always relax surrounded by music and great menu choices.
To create this conversation and warmth, they needed a building that would help them function effectively and maximize space with proper fitting of equipment. They came to the food business project with a blank canvas; an empty building that needed a full fit out and construction.

Client: Gios Cafe Restauran


When it comes to bringing a restaurant to life, knowledge and expertise of kitchen equipment and fitting is very important from the very beginning. When we stepped into the project, we were confronted with an architect who lacked experience in kitchen equipment specifications.
We had to take measurements all over again in order to ensure that the equipment will have ample space to fit. It was also essential to prevent recurring problems in the future due to poor decisions taken in a hurry.


Apart from catering to the equipment needs of our customers and ensuring proper installation, we also take time out to provide quality advice on how decisions in construction might affect the operation and functionality of the restaurant.
For Gios, budget fridges were chosen so we stressed the importance of ventilation. The dishwater also had no pump and we emphasized how important a gravity drain was. FBS helped to set up the cool room, plumbing and ventilation to ensure a smooth running when work kicked off.


When major players in the construction process fail to take to advice, it can lead to damage and more cost for the customer. The plumber failed to take to FBS’ advice and the customer had to deal with flooding because the drain point was higher than the machines.
The customer also had to deal with an extended washing cycle that cost him time because cold water was put against the advice to put hot water. This led to an extended washing cycle when washing dishes as the water had to be 85 degrees.

Learning curve

This project brought to light the importance of bringing in FBS early. If we have a say in the initial design process we can ensure that the kitchen is built to ensure that all the equipment fit properly. FBS will also ensure that you do not have to deal with constant repair costs after opening shop.

If you have brilliant ideas for your kitchen, contact FBS so we can help you along the wonderful journey of designing and selecting equipment that will not require constant repair.