This lovely café has made it its business to provide happy moments since the late 1990’s.

It has quickly risen to become a leader in Melbourne’s burgeoning café market. Rising demand means that there is always a Degani café, restaurant or kiosk opening at a location close to you. Each Degani café is an exciting blend of design and culture put together for the ultimate customer experience.

Degani came to us with a unique problem; they wanted to keep with the brand’s culture and needed FBS to take care of the entire fitting needs of the building from scratch.

Client: Degani Cafe

The right fit

Our customer did not know the equipment well and had made marking on the floor for all the equipment, the cool room and access points.
We stepped in to provide expert guidance because we understand just how important it is to get the measurements right and ensure that everything fits in perfectly.


A beautiful part of work at FBS is overcoming challenges to bring our customers vision to life. Sometimes that means modifying that lovely design to ensure that the customer has all the right equipment in the right places.

For Degani, they needed a wood fire pizza oven and we had to tweak the design to get it done. We designed equipment around it and made sure that there was ease of movement and access around the area.


One thing our customers were certain about was the kind of equipment they had to order to ensure a kitchen that could work for them. They ordered a Salomanda which has a flame on top but had to reconsider after its arrival after they realized that it only had a flame on top.
They had to move forward with the project and decided to replace it with a ‘toaster’ to bottom.

Follow up

We helped Degani startup successfully and provided advice on where to put the various power points.

Degani was a major success story and we were happy to help a brand start up with all its equipment needs taken care of.