Degani is a leader in Melbournes' burgeoning cafe market. Strong interest from across the country has now led to national expansion.

Oriental Spoon has been an integral part of Melbourne’s dining culture since 2005. It has become the premium destination for anyone in search of some absolutely delicious Korean cuisine.

Its eager customer base has taken notice and the Oriental Spoon has expanded rapidly to 3 restaurants and over 200 seats across the beautiful city of Melbourne. It continues to keep its promise of providing the very best of Korean cuisine from contemporary to traditional dishes for Australia and the world.

Oriental Spoon in keeping with its culture of elegance approached FBS to help it recreate a space that was previously a retail shop. We jumped at the challenge and started the process that led to the beautiful location they now have.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016

The building had three stories; a basement and two upper levels. We used this ample space effectively and made each part fully functional.
The basement was made a cool room while the second floor was restructured to serve as the bar. The ground floor got a lot of attention as that was where was going to house the kitchen. We ensured that all the equipment were fully operational and the kitchen was ready to use.
The location our client picked was previously a retail shop which meant that we had to do a lot of work to make it suit their needs.
We demolished structures to ensure space for all the equipment that needed to be installed and to ensure ease of access at every point.

Trying to reinvent a building that was used for a totally unrelated purpose can be tricky without the right hands. The Oriental Spoon project allowed us to make a retail shop totally unrecognizable. Our customer was happy and able to start business which is our utmost priority.
No matter how ill-fitting that location appears, contact FBS to help you carve out a place that is truly your own.