Within the commercial food industry a lot goes into setting up that perfect plate, just think about all the different elements that come together while you are completing an order. Most of aren’t known to the customer you’ve seated who are eagerly waiting on their order – what they want and expect is a perfect setting and a scrumptious meal.


Behind the scenes there is a lot of chaos and team work. As a restaurant owner or any business operating within the food industry, setting up the right shop is the easy part; meaning your interior might be challenging but once you get through it and everyone is enjoying themselves you know you’ve done well.
The difficult bit are the backend operations, yes – that’s right –

What you need to be worried about is your kitchen design? Most restaurant owners will put a lot into designing the perfect kitchen, with all the right equipment along with assuring it is up to scratch when it comes to health codes and compliance and what not. What you probably don’t realize is a lot of these elements really come to light when you practically start using your commercial grade kitchen. So – let’s go back to the beginning, the interior of your hub was the easy part putting together a viable and practical kitchen design is what you need to excel at.

Just a little help from TFBP and we can get you started with all the right ideas on the do’s and do not that go along in bringing together the perfect commercial kitchen design.We look into all aspects of your business while offering the perfect planned design, this includes – and we have to say this is probably the most important element – your menu!Which really sets the tone for everything from the kind of staff your chef needs to the equipment you require along with the installation process.

Each of these center towards preparation of the perfect plate you need to put together.
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