With an in house team of professionals, we at TFBP have the right set of skills when it comes to commercial kitchen fit out design and construction. Our services within this category are two fold – first of which is around improving your current kitchen and building it out to match your business model while also introducing efficiency as we go along.

Secondly we also consult on building and assisting you in constructing a completely new commercial kitchen as well. The real trick here to clearly and concisely map out the design concept while also ensuring along the way that finished kitchen layout caters to all the equipment you want put in and also assuring ease of use as well.

How do we achieve all this? The secret here is our approach, our business model which is customer centric ensures that we listen, absorb and study what you bring to the table as well. So – we will take the time to play with your ideas but will also guide you in making the right decisions towards the end. Which means we make you understand the challenges and couple that up with offering all the right solutions. There is a lot that goes into this process which includes all the potential challenges along with logistical concerns. It really does flow towards creating a free flowing kitchen fit out – fit for purpose.

The formula we’ve devised over years of study and practical experience is simple. Firstly we will always collaborate with you in order to build out a unique design, this is because we understand that each client and client requirement is different and requires a different approach. Our goal here is to enable you within your work environment and at the same time allow you and your staff to move freely within or as required.

Working with a diverse set of clientele, we’ve very finely tuned our skills – which will be at your complete disposal. Customized designs means that your commercial grade kitchen is built to purpose and is compliant with all government standards in place as well.