No matter which part of the city or country you operate from, one thing is as certain as is – you will need the proper permits, documentation and processes in place which bring you up to the proper health and compliance codes. To top it all off, as a business owner offering services within the commercial food industry you will also have regular visits from concerned officers within your local area.

To deal with all this and more if required, the business process in place needs to match up to standards put in place. Without which operating a business will be impossible, amongst other things you will be running back and forth trying your best to have these issues resolved.

The easy way to put it all to rest is right at the beginning when your starting off, at TFBP we not only build processes that assist you in this but also assure that by opening date you have the necessary permits in place while also helping you in getting yourself up to scratch where all the necessary health codes and the like are concerned.

Our services here are two fold, the first being that you are already operational and would like assistance in dealing with an issues with regards to council permit and/or regulations and compliance. Secondly you are at the beginning and would like to ensure that by the time you are ready to open your doors you have all the necessary elements in place.

We can look into all for you, and with the right team of people and professionals at your disposal we will guarantee that you can focus on what is really important rather than running around trying to get everything in order. As a professional full service firm we understand the importance of these issues and get to work right at the beginning so you can have peace of mind and are able to do your best in building and expanding your business.