Essential towards the success of any food service business – commercial kitchen equipment is an area which we work on with you. Our view here is that an investment made in time can work wonders for your business, if we look at the commercial food industry the right kind of equipment can go a long way in ensuring your success within the industry.

Secondly we also consult on building and assisting you in constructing a completely new commercial kitchen as well. The real trick here to clearly and concisely map out the design concept while also ensuring along the way that finished kitchen layout caters to all the equipment you want put in and also assuring ease of use as well.

At TFBP we are at hand to provide the right equipment and the perfect appliances that go well with your aspirations towards becoming a successful business owner. We take on a broader approach here so we can cover all basis for you, so from heavy stoves, fryers, deep freezers and the like to small utensils or even crockery we can assist you in procuring the appliances and equipment that go well with your operations.

Whether you are just building out and need them installed in time for your opening or are in a hurry, our team is always at hand to offer support and procurement services. Alongside we also advise you in which equipment will best suit and serve your needs.

In order to set up a consultation – please get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to look into your requirements.