At the Food Business Project our motive here is to assist and develop a sustainable business model for businesses operating within the food industry. Now that might seem simplistic, so in reality we offer a full set of services which ensure that you get the best in not only equipment required to set up but also how to install and operate the same. Not only that but we build a process around your requirements which takes care of the rough edges around your plan.

Essentially a group of professionals, we a team of eight consultants with a combined experience of over 120 years within the industry. Our differentiating factor is the niche we offer, consulting within the commercial food service industry we’ve developed the right links not only in the private sector but also government as well. To us our clients are the key focus of everything, our strength is vested in offering them what they need and require – this varies from food service design to putting together planning of facilities to also looking into preparation and storage of food and beverages.

We look towards the long term, which is exactly why our focus is more towards building a rapport and ongoing relationship with you.

This involves us addressing key issues and elements around your business model, which means we look into what you bring to us and then get to work by exceling beyond your expectations. Our goal at this point is to assess your operations and identify areas which can be helpful towards your bottom line. We will look at a whole array of possibilities from standards and compliance to day to day sales and operations. Using a systematic and planned approach with all projects which we are entrusted with, we regularly hold meetings with you in order to bring our perspective to you and also in order to gain a better understanding of yours alongside as well.

Step by step we achieve together, to us the devil isn’t in the detail! A process built and customized for you when applied will bring out results that boost your business forward.

In order to setup an initial meeting you are able to contact us on the details mentioned on our contact page.